From smart phone to iPad/tablet to TV to watch, Sourcebits has a strong track record of creating successful apps in almost every industry category.

We made our mark using Design-Led Engineering ® developing iOS apps.  Languages, integrations, and devices and versions may be changing, but our innovation team is always fine-tuned and ahead of the development curve. 

If your mobile app needs to function on different computer architecture or operating systems, we have the expertise to ensure your mobile app seamlessly connects to each unique API. We utilize Flutter, Reactive Native or Xamarin – the top cross-platform frameworks – to create your cross-platform app.

Our secure MBaaS has the capabilities you need to get to market fast, with the freedom and flexibility you expect. We have experience with enterprise CRM integration, consumer integration, push notifications, storage, security, mobile payments, GPS, and much more. When you need user management, seamless connections with APIs, or integration with social networks, our team is ready to work with you!


If you’re looking for a cloud solution or need help deciding if your company should be in the cloud, let Sourcebits’ extensive experience in cloud computing help you find the best solution or strategy for your organization. We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision. Do you need to migrate data to the cloud? We can help there too! We are experts in data migration.

Our team has created Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products for multiple organizations. Whether you want to craft a new API or just need help with scale, our team has built and maintained cloud applications with over 100 million users. Our in-depth knowledge includes building fully automated solutions with continuous integration, data recovery, rollbacks, green/blue deployments, and much more! Also, we are skilled in the top cloud service providers – AWS (Amazons Web Service), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Heroku – as well as colocation data centers.


Quality Assurance testing is critical. We never want a consumer to experience a brand in manner that has not been tested.  We try to break it to ensure testing is all encompassing and checking from every perspective.  This testing is not an option for a winning brand experience for the user.