Over the Top (OTT)

Consumer expectations continue to grow for non-linear, on-demand consumption of video, in-home storage, multiple devices, and anywhere, anytime viewing. Think streaming via NetFlix or Hulu or an interactive streaming service which you choose when to watch.   Linear programming, or standard scheduled programming, still dominates in the major markets but the tide is changing. The excitement and growth around on-demand services has changed the creation, distribution, consumption, storage, and monetization of video.  Don’t miss this opportunity for your brand.

According to a Multi-Channel news report in September 2018, “Digital TV Research projects that US OTT revenue will reach $47.8 billion, and globally the research company forecasts OTT revenue to grow by 30% to $69 billion in 2018, spiking to $129 billion in 2023.”

Millenials don’t even consider broadcast television as an option.  OTT as a channel is a mandate.  Get on board today.  

Digital Video Services

Our services include the development of custom video-based applications to launch OTT offerings faster, deliver personalized viewer experiences, and monetize digital content. Design thinking is always at the core of our OTT development as we rely on real-world customer insights to drive superior omni-channel experiences.

  • Omnichannel OTT apps
  • Live Event Streaming Solutions
  • Second Screen Interactive Services
  • Monetization of Content Assets

In short, we tackle the technical heavy lifting, so our partners can focus on providing great content, monetizing assets, and building their brand.

If you haven’t considered this channel, consider these stats from a recent project:  

  • Customer acquisition increased by 68% in first 6 months of OTT services
  • Content engagement increased by 75% in first 6 months of OTT services

You can’t afford to ignore this channel.  Get started now.