Big Data

We make data work for your business.  We have mastered the ability to process massive amounts of data and generate KPIs that matter for use case scenarios that will drive better business decisions:

  • increased operational efficiencies
  • enhanced customer segmentation for personalized and conversational marketing,
  • focused attention to cyber-security
  • ability to supply real-time data to customers and internal teams, and so much more.

Decisions are data driven – are you armed with data that is accessible, real-time, ingestible and retrievable?  Is your storage strategy cost-effective and aligned with data use case needs? On-Premise or cloud-based storage is a major factor in data architecture.

Data Analytics — Making Data Actionable

So, you’ve got data.  What are you doing with it? Analytics can provide you actionable insights.  Our data team is armed with more than 40 years of combined experience in making data usable, providing insights on customer behavior, business operations, security arenas, and more.  With a data-driven understanding of trends and behavior in the past, business and marketing strategies can be optimized for the future. 

Sourcebits can help you test, measure, analyze and make business decisions backed by hard numbers.

We deliver insights and visual models based on analysis of large data sets that allow for immediate understanding and response. Our data visualization capabilities integrate business intelligence, analytics and enterprise reporting capabilities as provided by a third-party tool or by a home-grown solution. Are you considering use of IoT to aggregate big data and create end-to-end synchronization?

Machine Learning — Improving Performance with AI

Take your data insights to new heights with machine learning – enabling predictive analysis, unveiling greater resource efficiencies, and developing more personalized and segmented customer engagement.  Pumping up your business intelligence with machine learning (ML) – powered artificial intelligence (AI) will help strategy become successful execution with bottom line benefits.

We work to ensure that the connection between machine and human user is met with connectivity and the ability to take in information, digest it and take appropriate action steps. Machine learning coupled with good Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is more complex and deals with the unspoken gray area of human interaction such as tone, intent, dialect, accents, but crucial to effective AI applications.  

We optimize, energize, and re-strategize effective uses of data with progress and business solutions in mind.   Are you ready?