Automating FAQs with Chatbots & Best-in-Class NLU


Global Fortune 500 CPG



The Challenge

The devil is indeed in the details. For Chatbots, the NLU accuracy is crucial and affordability from many of the name brand options can be unrealistic. See how our approach breaks the barriers on both fronts.

The Result

After attempting internally to develop an FAQ chatbot, this global fortune 500 organization found their NLU accuracy was low and cost per utterance was high. We were charged with increasing accuracy, ensuring efficiency and enhancing machine learning – all while keeping costs as low as possible.   Using our own NLU, we increased accuracy from 80% to 99% for kb (knowledge base) and 60% to our 90% for non-kb.  Our NLU is not a per cost utterance, eliminating this cost which increases with increased use of the bot.  

The Benefits


NLU accuracy increase from 80%

Global Fortune 500 CPG Company Project Image

Our Solutions