Our Team’s Predictions: 2015 Mobile Trends

At Sourcebits, we’re always looking to the future. Members of our team across disciplines - from design and development to marketing and innovation - share their predictions on mobile industry trends for the year.


What’s Next in Mobile?

Get a front-lines perspective on the mobile evolution of design, app development innovations and mobile industry trends. From smart watches and connected homes to mobile payments and multipurpose apps, so many promising ideas are being tested. But which ones will have the biggest impact and should be considered in your mobile business strategy?

In this slide deck, Sourcebits experts explore where the mobile trends of 2015 could take you.

6 Mobile Trends to Watch

  • Wearables
  • Flat design
  • Smart homes / Internet of Things
  • Managing the app market
  • Mobile payments
  • Multipurpose apps

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2015 mobile predictions