App Store Optimization Guide

Every app developer wants a sure-fire marketing strategy which gets more organic user downloads – on a modest budget. Our 70+ page App Store Opt

6 analytics for mobile apps

6 Analytics Your App Needs

Creating a mobile app analytics program can seem intimidating, but you know you can’t overlook analytics. Our whitepaper solves your dilemma, breaki


Do The Right Mobile Math

Investing in quality design from the start equals higher user engagement – which is the king of ROI. Great design also simplifies future updates


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12 steps to data-driven mobile app development
12 Steps to Data-Driven Mobile App Development

A gut instinct or killer idea often inspires the creation of a mobile app. But once you have a beta, it’s time to use data to refine your product. With today’s abundance of mobile app analytics providers, there’s no reason to guess at what’s making your business succeed when you can know.

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