This Whitepaper Will Show You:

  • How to measurements events for user behaviors and demographics.
  • Click attribution tools for analyzing user acquisition and marketing efforts.
  • Strategies to manage complicated financial data and deliver accurate reports.
  • The benefits of segment and cohort analysis for product development.
  • New opportunities for optimization through easy A/B testing.
  • An objective comparison of services from 12 leading analytics providers.
  • 12 steps you can take to become a data-driven developer.
  • The data holes your app can fall into - and how to avoid them.
  • How to create customized user messages, based on data, to increase engagement.

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If you’re building an app, or need more insights for an existing app, this whitepaper shows you how to create a powerful data program that gives you the rich information you need. Create a data program that unlocks user insights and helps you proactively steer your product. Go beyond gut instincts and start making strategic decisions supported by facts and hard numbers.