Twine Canvas is the New “Boring” Tinder for Personalities Instead of Looks

For those turned off by the “dating” app Tinder and its superficial, explicit nature, there might be a more reliable alternative: Twine Canvas.

Where Tinder is based off a person’s appearance and their sex appeal, Twine Canvas specifically focuses on a person’s personality. The app asks the user to create “personality canvases,” or digital collages, which describe the person’s interests and hobbies. A user can browse through the canvases of others before creating theirs, and if they sign in through Facebook, the age, gender and location filters can all be adjusted. Once a user has established their own canvas, they’ll be able to “like” other canvases by swiping down, a minor change from Tinder’s left-right swiping tool. If the users on both ends like each others' canvases, then the profile photos of each user will be revealed.