The Future of Wearables: Next-Generation ID Badges

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Episode 11 of The Future of Wearables podcast features Ben Waber, President and CEO at Humanyze. He is an internationally renowned expert on organizational dynamics and social sensing technologies. Waber’s work helps companies use behavioral data to build an organization – it’s like the movie Moneyball, but for enterprise businesses vs. baseball.

When you listen to the podcast you’ll hear Ben Waber’s take on collecting and analyzing wearable data to give individuals and companies new tools to help them understand how to be happier and more effective. He also discusses wearables at work – like the next-generation employee ID badge his team created at Humanyze. Read on for the Sourcebits team’s tips about improving work productivity with mobile apps – including examples from our portfolio.


The Sourcebits Take: Improving Productivity with Mobile Apps

Apple’s App Store and Google Play include thousands of productivity apps. Thinking of getting into this crowded space? You need to be strategic. If you’re a large enterprise creating a productivity app for employees, you need to be just as thoughtful about the workflow as an external app. Now more than ever, employees expect the same exceptional user experience from enterprise mobile apps that they receive from consumer apps like Instagram and Netflix. At Sourcebits, we’ve worked with startups and enterprise clients for years to bring their innovative ideas to life. Here are three productivity apps in our mobile app design and development portfolio. (Related: read our blog post on 10 mobile design tips to make your app sticky.)

IBM Wipro

IBM Wipro mobile app client

IBM Wipro is an enterprise mobile application for Wipro, a premier system integrator for IBM. The app was first built for iOS and then for Android. Tech Project Managers & HR Managers use the app to assign resources and view the impact each resource will make on the overall project budget.

Provide visual design and HTML/CSS styling for an enterprise project management tool.

Sourcebits quickly delivered functionality maps, UI wireframes and visual design for three Android phones and iPhone retina and non retina devices.

Vuzix M100 Wearable

Vuzix Smart Glasses mobile apps.

Vuzix, a publicly traded company providing video eyewear products, revealed its award-winning M100 Smart Glasses at CES in 2013. Following critical acclaim, Vuzix needed to bring the wearable experience to life for enterprises. They sought an innovative, premier design and development partner to build their apps – and hired us. Sourcebits developed an Android “partner app” that makes it easy for employees to find, download and control Vuzix apps from their smartphone, and seamlessly sync to the M100s. The other core apps Sourcebits created deliver primary functionality while offering UI/UX design best practices for the new interface.

Deliver innovative wearable experiences for enterprise workforces through a collection of core apps for M100 Smart Glasses

Thousands of M100 units have shipped.
Used by 40 of Fortune 100 companies.
Rated average 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Powerade Hydration Coach

Powerade hydration coach.

To create a unique experience for Samsung and Powerade VIP guests at the London Olympics, the 2 global brands gave out Samsung Galaxy SIII preloaded with the Powered Hydration Coach. The app estimated a user’s fluid intake requirements based on their height and weight, calculated against the type of sport he/she performed, duration and local weather conditions.

Create a VIP guest experience at the London Olympics.

Increased Powerade branding.
Provided relevant user value.
Drove VIP sales of Powerade.


We love working with clients that seek our mobile design and app development services – and they’ve asked us to create awesome apps for the wearable tech market. A great example of a recent project: Vuzix and their enterprise smart glasses.

If you’re thinking about entering the wearable tech market or have an existing app that you’d like to reimagine for the Apple Watch, smart glasses or other devices – you’ve come to the right place.


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Piotr Gajos, Chief Innovation Officer

Piotr is Sourcebits Chief Innovation Officer. A 2006 Apple Design Award winner, Piotr draws much of his inspiration from film and music, and focuses on leading our Innovation Strategy Workshops, generating new ideas for Sourcebits, and consulting on projects.