Twine & Twine Canvas Case Study

Twine and Twine Canvas logos for Android and iOS.

How do we make disruptive new apps? We’ve just published a new case study that sheds light into our process and design thinking.

A quick intro to the tale of two Twines:

Our repeat client Spoonjuice asked us to build a dating app that would disrupt the traditional (and tired) meat-market model. Our answer was a one-two app combo: Twine and Twine Canvas.

In addition to design and development, Sourcebits also managed the launch strategies – including user acquisition – for both apps, implemented monetization for Twine, conducted App Store Optimization efforts before and after launch, built an analytics platform for Twine Canvas, and managed public relations to build buzz for the first-ever personality-focused dating apps.

GigaOm, Mashable, TechCrunch, Fox News and Yahoo Lifestyle have covered Twine and/or Twine Canvas. More than 200,000 people have downloaded the apps.

Piotr Gajos, Chief Innovation Officer

Piotr is Sourcebits Chief Innovation Officer. A 2006 Apple Design Award winner, Piotr draws much of his inspiration from film and music, and focuses on leading our Innovation Strategy Workshops, generating new ideas for Sourcebits, and consulting on projects.