Sourcebits Launches New Corporate Website

New corporate website from Sourcebits.

Sourcebits Turns The Page Forward With Responsive, Retina-Ready Website Inspired by the Best of Print Design

San Francisco, CA – September 18, 2012 – Sourcebits Digital LLC, a global expert in mobile, web, and cloud development, launched its newly designed corporate website today. The retina-ready site is built on responsive principles that allow it to be viewed on any device, and is inspired by print media rather than typical web design themes.

“The new Sourcebits site is probably the only fully responsive and retina-ready site on the net at such a massive scale,” said Sourcebits CEO, Rohit Singal, “We feel that if Sourcebits is going to advise clients on strategy and design with regards to cutting-edge technologies, we should lead by example.”

“The vast majority of corporate websites present a subpar experience to their mobile users,” continued Singal, “Many of them assume that the huge number of screen sizes across devices makes it impossible to present a high quality experience to everyone who visits a site from a phone or tablet. But as a leader in mobile, web, and cloud development, having our visitors experience anything other than a flawless mobile experience online would have been unacceptable.”

Sourcebits addressed the need for a consistent experience across every mobile device by taking advantage of responsive web design, an optimal solution to the ever-increasing variety of platforms in the market. With responsive design, whether it’s viewed on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, a website can adapt effortlessly to ensure a beautiful experience for users, by cascading information seamlessly across devices, depending on their screen size.

“Responsive design strikes a delicate balance between adapting one design across different devices and platforms and maintaining a single consistent experience,” said Apple Design Award winner and Sourcebits Managing Partner, Piotr Gajos, “We combined our extensive knowledge in both web and mobile platforms to create a solution that is relevant and effective to both. We also followed a flexible and fluid grid system, which adapts to its environment so the same design and code folds or expands into any browser without sacrificing looks or performance. The end result is an engaging site that is fast, secure and reliable — across multiple platforms.”

Users start at a clean, minimalist home page with just four main menu items tucked into simple hexagons in the center of the page. “We chose a shape that is one of the most beautifully designed and engineered by nature, said Gajos, “Hexagons are symmetric, organized, disciplined and incredibly efficient. They’re where design and engineering meet — which is the most accurate expression of our corporate culture.”

When a user makes a selection, they are quickly immersed in an engaging experience that shows off the company’s focus on design-driven mobile, web, and cloud development services. The site uses rich, full-width hero graphics that take full advantage of high-resolution retina displays, along with a beautifully designed, highly functional side navigation that slides into place to anchor each page.

Parachute Foundry’s Din Text Condensed Pro is used for navigation and headers throughout, and the body copy font is Gill Sans. Both the sans serif fonts and the site’s clean, low-chroma background play well off the hero images, which take on added richness and depth in contrast.

The site’s high-level aesthetic was inspired by Japanese design. “I always follow their guidelines,” said Gajos, “The goal is to create an experience of subdued, non-intrusive elegance where the user is presented with a design so mesmerizing it almost incapacitates them—without being loud or overwhelming. The key is in organization, discipline, lightness and minimalism.”

The site also takes inspiration from the feeling readers experience when they open a print magazine built around principles of world-class design. “The best print magazines still do a great job at creating an incredibly immersive experience for readers,” explained Gajos, “Very few web designers will spend even a fraction of the time selecting and enhancing images, flawlessly executing layouts, and paying fanatical attention to typesetting that a great print publication will. We wanted to capture the visual excellence of a top magazine, but in a web format that translated seamlessly from desktop to mobile devices.”

About Sourcebits: Based in San Francisco, California, and backed by Sequoia Capital and IDG Ventures, Sourcebits been delivering mobile, cloud, and web solutions for companies including GE, SAP, Intel, MIT, P&G, Hershey’s, and Coca-Cola, as well as emerging technology companies such as Knocking, Peel, TwitPic, CloudOn, and Sling Media since 2006. Ranked as the 38th fastest growing technology company on Lead411’s Technology 500 list, Sourcebits’ team of 400 designers and developers has executed over 500 successful mobile, web, and cloud solutions on platforms including, iOS, Android, WinPhone, Blackberry, and Symbian— with more than 20 apps reaching the top ten in their categories in global app stores.


David Forgash, our Senior Creative Director at Sourcebits, originally studied to be a doctor, but a love for art drove him to make the switch, and he’s never looked back. David’s design work can also be seen onboard the International Space Station and Mars Rovers.