Sourcebits Freebie: iOS 7 Wireframe Stencil

Sourcebits' wireframe stencil segment.

We’ve all heard the news, the new iPhones are out and iOS 7 is now the standard across all Apple mobile products. Creating apps for iOS products requires a lot of preparation, especially on the design side. Most designers use Omnigraffle to create elaborate wireframes to help create the final product. Currently, there are no comprehensive iOS 7 wireframes for Omnigraffle. So we designed our own.


With the help of our designers Rick Patrick and Bhargavi Kamakshivalli, we’ve created a fully-fledged iOS 7 wireframing kit! It has everything you need, from iterations to icons. Here’s what our designers have to say:


Rick Patrick: “Personally I think iOS 7 is a step in the right direction. iOS 7 aims to have more content focused design and less glitz. This template will allow anyone to create their own version of everything iOS 7 brings to the table.”

Bhargavi Kamakshivalli: “iOS 7 is all about clean interfaces and simple layouts. The Omnigraffle stencil we created will help designers achieve this effortlessly. Every element has been designed to the exact proportions of elements in the device. With select states, keypad options, list items, action elements and icons; this is the most comprehensive iOS 7 template available today.”


We’ve partnered with TutsPlus to bring you this absolutely free wireframing kit.  

Click here to get started!

iOS 7 Wireframe Stencil by Sourcebits.