The SMAC Future: Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud

SMAC: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud

Just a quick glance around our tablet-and-smartphone immersed world will confirm the ubiquity of mobile technology. The statistics below show how integral mobile has become to daily life, as well as a driving force in our economy.

1. By 2017, the mobile app market is expected to generate revenues of $77 billion

2. Worldwide, there were 1.2 billion smartphone shipments in 2014

3. Smartphones make up 63.1% of the global mobile market

Businesses are taking note, and making major investments in the future of technology. The four most impactful, emerging trends are Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud, or SMAC. Spurred on by powerful evidence and an always-increasing user base, it’s no wonder adopting and improving SMAC has become a top priority for businesses. This Forbes article expands upon the definitions and uses of the individual components of SMAC. In summary:


Known for being “…the easiest to understand and perhaps the hardest to manage and control,” social media is changing the way businesses market and present their brands and brand messaging, and how consumers interact with that messaging.


Mobile means more “…than a smartphone connected to the web. It involves data mobility and the idea of safe and secure data transfer any time, any place, on any device.”


“This torrent of new data offers an opportunity to gain unprecedented insight and to quickly test new ideas…it also provides the power to fundamentally change business operations.”


With so many different kinds of cloud computing, such as public, private and hybrid, delivering platform, infrastructure and SaaS, to name a few, cloud is generally the least understood of the four.

Collectively, SMAC is estimated to generate revenue from between $70 – $200 billion over the next three years. Clearly, SMAC is taking the future by storm, and Sourcebits is ready to help your business build its social, mobile, analytics and cloud solutions. Have questions on how your business can more effectively implement SMAC?

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