How to Promote Your App Outside the App Store

App promotion outside the App Store.

Making it into the App Store’s “New and Noteworthy” editorial section is a worthy goal, but the reality is that the odds are against you. With only 24 apps featured at one time in “New and Noteworthy” thousands of good new apps are simply not going to make the cut. Rather than waiting to see if Apple picks up your app for a mention or feature, a well-planned mobile app marketing plan will include a strategy to get your app included smaller, but equally important, sites, lists, and features that focus on your core audience.

A great example of this is Sourcebits client, eHighLighter. eHighLighter streamlines note taking by letting you “highlight” a printed page with your phone and transcribing your highlights, creating searchable annotations and managing citations.

The app integrates extremely well with Evernote, and is a perfect accessory app for anyone who uses Evernote frequently. So perfect, in fact, that eHighLighter was just selected by Evernote as a”New and Notable” app– One of just six to get that distinction. Along with the honor came prime placement on the Evernote Trunk site. If you visit you’ll see the eHighLighter icon sitting proudly along with DocuSign on one side and Skitch on the other.

In a number of ways this coverage is even more valuable for an app like eHighLighter than being featured in the App Store. Evernote users are a highly savvy group of relatively early adopters, even today. They’re significantly more likely to not only try eHighLighter than the average App Store visitor, but also much more likely to share it with others.

Having the app featured alongside other well known brands like DocuSign and Skitch also significantly increases eHighLighter’s credibility.

In a similar vein, we’ve been working with our client Chipotle Labs to help promote their newest app, Instaplayer–an awesome app that lets you play an animated slideshow of a live Instagram feed on your TV. It’s perfect for parties and events where the organizer wants to share live pictures on a large screen with every attendee.

While the app has broad enough appeal to gain significant value if it were picked up in an Apple feature section, it would also do very well with a mention on a core Instagram user site.

So when you’re planning the launch of your app, think outside the “store” and more traditional PR routes to discover the less obvious, but equally important channels that can drive your app’s success.