The Future of Wearables: Cheaper, Faster & Smaller

future of wearables and moore's law

Episode 14 of The Future of Wearables podcast features Ramez Naam, technologist and science fiction author. His latest book is Apex, the final installment in the Nexus trilogy. Listen to the interview to hear how Naam relates Moore’s Law to wearables. Within the next 10-20 years we’ll see wearables getting cheaper, faster and smaller — going beyond the wrist-focused devices we’re wearing today to nearly invisible tech. What seems crazy to consider for the future (like disposable and ingestible wearables) actually isn’t that far off.

Read on for the Sourcebits take about another tech that’s benefited from Moore’s Law: Chromebooks and cloud storage. Our case study about Intel Easy Migration tells the story of a Sourcebits mobile app solution to make it faster to move into cloud computing.

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The Sourcebits Take: Disrupting the Dating Scene with Mobile Apps

Moore’s Law – the simple theory, predicted in 1965 that processing power will double every two years — can be applied to the cloud, too. The reductions in the cost of computing and storage capacity means cloud services like Google Drive, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox are cutting prices in an attempt to compete against each other. (Speaking of Dropbox, one of our mobile app development clients, OnCloud, was acquired by Dropbox earlier this year.)

Most Chromebooks only come with around 16GB of RAM. These days, that’s considerably less than a laptop or even a tablet. So it’s essential for Chromebook owners to use a Cloud storage service. Intel along with Acer, one of their OEM partners, came to Sourcebits looking for a mobile app for owners of Intel-powered Acer Chromebooks. The goal: take the hassle out of getting data from other devices like smartphones and desktop computers into the cloud (like Google Drive) and synced with a Chromebook. The result was a suite of apps for Windows, iOS and Android called Intel Easy Migration. For a closer look at how Sourcebits brought the Intel Easy Migration mobile apps to life, view the in-depth mobile app development case study or download the PDF summary.


We love working with clients that seek our mobile design and app development services – and they’ve asked us to create awesome apps for the wearable tech market. A great example of a recent project: Vuzix and their enterprise smart glasses.

If you’re thinking about entering the wearable tech market or have an existing app that you’d like to reimagine for the Apple Watch, smart glasses or other devices – you’ve come to the right place.


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Piotr Gajos, Chief Innovation Officer

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