Google Glass Reimagined by Sourcebits

Google Glass Reimagined by Sourcebits

Google Glass is all the rage. From tech bloggers to models, everyone’s been talking about Glass and how it’ll change the face of mobile computing. We’ve recently received our pair of Google Glass for our Android team (so we can make awesome Glass products) but we felt that the design was lacking. Our team of talented designers, illustrators and 3D modelers thought that we could make a better looking, more functional piece of hardware than Google. Lofty? Maybe, but we think we did it.

Google Glass: Sourcebits redesign Google Glass Reimagined: Camera and Glass Prism Google Glass Reimagined: Side View Google Glass Reimagined: Memory Storage Google Glass Reimagined: Battery Storage Google Glass Reimagined: Battery Status Indicator

“Google Glass right now has an uneven weight distribution because all the tech is packed on one side whereas we have split it to both frame handles which logically made sense to reduce the thickness. Dual touch pads are an added benefit to cater to both right and left handed users.”

– Benjamin George, Creative Director

Team responsible for the Google Glass Re-Imagination:


  • Rahul Nihalani (Ideation, Conceptualization)
  • Tog Samphel (Brainstorming, Conceptualization)
  • Aditi Kulkarni (Brainstorming)


  • Sanjay Singh (3D Artist, Renderer)
  • Sourav Sagar Panda (3D, Concept Artist)
  • Rick Patrick (3D, Concept Artist)
  • Benjamin George (Concept designer, Ideation)

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