The Future of Wearables: Smart Textiles & Fashion Tech

future of wearables, smart textiles and fashion tech

Episode 12 in The Future of Wearables podcast features Liza Kindred, founder of Third Wave Fashion. She recently launched Third Wave Magazine. “If Harper’s Bazaar and Popular Mechanics had a baby, it’d be swaddled in Third Wave Magazine.”


Listen to the Future of Wearables podcast to hear Liza Kindred’s thoughts on the merging of textiles and wearable technology – like Project Jacquard, Google and Levi’s collaboration weaving touch sensors into fabrics. She insists wearables need to be more than just “slap a screen on” gadgets. Wearables like smartwatches are novel, but Kindred believes adoption will not be widespread with that kind of screen-based wearable tech. And what about business models for smart textiles and fashion tech? Listen to the podcast for her take on making money with screen-free wearable fashion. Read on and we’ll walk you through our mobile innovation workshop – an intensive strategy session hosted at our headquarters in San Francisco.

The Sourcebits Take: Mobile Innovation Workshops

The Future of Wearables podcast is an inspiring look at what wearable tech makers are bringing to life. At Sourcebits, innovation is at the heart of everything we do in our full-spectrum approach to mobile app design and development. If you’re thinking about how you can be innovative with a mobile app, but you’re not sure where to begin or you want to talk with a team of experts – our Mobile Innovation Workshop can help.

It’s an intensive consultation process that kicks off with the Sourcebits team at our headquarters in San Francisco. Since implementing this program in 2013, Sourcebits has conducted more than 65 workshops with startups like and enterprises like Intel. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with an idea, an existing app startup with updates to add, an enterprise with a new product to build or an old one to enhance – or any stage in between – our problem-solution approach brings exceptional value to your end results.

We work with our mobile innovation workshop clients to identify their core problems and goals and frame that within their industry, audience and business requirements. We then go to the whiteboard together to brainstorm and examine options to develop a customized business solution. As part of the innovation workshop process, we provide you with all the materials you need to get stakeholder buy-in for your new mobile strategy, as well as a detailed project estimate.

Our Mobile Innovation Workshop, conducted over the course of three weeks, sets the groundwork for your mobile success. If you hire us to build your solution, we credit the $25K workshop fee to the design and development of your app. We can fit our format to what YOU need – but here’s the usual workshop style:

  1. Meet our innovation team in person for a full day of epic ideastorming. We zoom out to challenge and explore ideas, then zoom in to focus and refine solutions.
  2. After the session, our team dives in to flesh out the app idea. From target audience and marketing considerations to product features, early UI/UX concepts, development timeline and cost estimates – you’ll get a stakeholder-ready plan of your app’s roadmap.
  3. We present it, you provide feedback, and we finalize the doc.
  4. Then we can bring your idea to life! And the $25K serves as a deposit on your project.


We love working with clients that seek our mobile design and app development services – and they’ve asked us to create awesome apps for the wearable tech market. A great example of a recent project: Vuzix and their enterprise smart glasses.

If you’re thinking about entering the wearable tech market or have an existing app that you’d like to reimagine for the Apple Watch, smart glasses or other devices – you’ve come to the right place.


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Piotr Gajos, Chief Innovation Officer

Piotr is Sourcebits Chief Innovation Officer. A 2006 Apple Design Award winner, Piotr draws much of his inspiration from film and music, and focuses on leading our Innovation Strategy Workshops, generating new ideas for Sourcebits, and consulting on projects.