The Future of Wearables: Cutting Through the Data Cacophony

rachel kalmar, data scientist
rachel kalmar

Episode 9 in The Future of Wearables podcast this week features wearable tech data scientist Rachel Kalmar. Most recently she worked at Misfit (a leading wearables company) helping develop their Shine and Flash activity monitors. Kalmar’s so passionate about sensors, hardware, and making data actionable that she wears as many as 20-30 wearables – at the same time! She even wears 2 or more of the same device to see how data collection compares on the same type of wearable. That’s one extremely quantified self. Click on the photo of Rachel Kalmar to see a bigger photo of all the gadgets Kalmar wears.

Find out what Rachel Kalmar thinks about the interoperability of wearable data and the need for industry standards. And read on for our team’s tips about mobile data analytics every app needs.



Mobile analytics can give you actionable insights into every aspect of your mobile app. But optimizing it requires data-driven mobile app development. And you need to plan for discoveries. Take Instagram, for example. Before Instagram, co-founder Kevin Systrom created Burbn – a location-based check-in app (like Foursquare). But users were spending more time taking photos of their food, drinks, and reflections in bathroom mirrors (the early days of selfies) instead of the intended check-ins – so Burbn pivoted into the widely successful Instagram. (To learn more about Instagram, read our report on 3 Mobile App Lessons from an industry unicorn.)

Build mobile analytics to answer questions and provide insights. Below are the 6 big data buckets to examine for your app.

1. Performance – quickly identify the sources of errors and slowdowns

2. User Behavior/Experience – where the flow works, where it doesn’t and why

3. Financial ROI – cost to acquire, lifetime value

4. User Acquisition – which sources of downloads generate higher-value users

5. User Retention & Engagement – how many people return, how frequently, to do what, and who are they

6. Optimization – A/B testing to fine tune your app

Want to learn more? Download your free copy of our mobile app analytics white paper – “6 Essential Analytics Every App Needs.” Creating a mobile app analytics program can seem intimidating, but you know you can’t overlook analytics. Our whitepaper solves your dilemma, breaking down the 6 essential analytics. Get your app on the data-driven path to success. Download your free copy.


We love working with clients that seek our mobile design and app development services – and they’ve asked us to create awesome apps for the wearable tech market. A great example of a recent project: Vuzix and their enterprise smart glasses.

If you’re thinking about entering the wearable tech market or have an existing app that you’d like to reimagine for the Apple Watch, smart glasses or other devices – you’ve come to the right place.


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Piotr Gajos, Chief Innovation Officer

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