How to Fund Your App With Crowdfunding and Equity Partnerships

Crowdfunding and Equity Partnerships

Angels have become the go-to funding source for many tech startups. By getting in earlier and driving valuations higher than VCs did previously, they’ve become an attractive option. But angels aren’t always a viable choice, particularly in the competitive world of mobile applications.

In the newest Sourcebits Mobile Resource Guide we’ll explore the pros and cons of the newest trends in app funding that provide alternatives to angel funding: from Kickstarter, to equity partnerships, to the quickly evolving equity crowdfunding space.

The goal of this guide to to help you better understand how you can take advantage of the many options to get your app funded today so you can make the right call for your situation and your application.

You’ll learn what types of funding would be best for your application, how to maximize your chances of success, and how to protect your ideas, your application, and yourself.

We’ll also discuss the role of the Minimum Viable Product in development and funding and what some of the pitfalls are in taking an MVP approach to mobile. 

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