Client News: Vuzix – Amazon Release & $25M Investment

Vuzix Smart Glasses can be worn in business and construction environments.
Vuzix, a Sourcebits client and Google Glass rival, has closed a couple big deals recently. The company announced a $24.8 million investment from Intel, and their award-winning M100 Smart Glasses ($999) were just released for purchase on Amazon. You can find them here.
mobile apps for wearable computers

Intel now owns 30% of Vuzix’s outstanding stock, a sizable investment in the company. It’s an important one for Vuzix – a Rochester, NY-based startup focusing on smart eyewear for the enterprise. Vuzix plans to use the money as general working capital to further its growth. Last year Vuzix inked a deal with Lenovo to sell M100 Smart Glasses in China.

According to the Amazon listing:

“The Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses is an Android-based wearable computer, enhanced with a wearable monocular display and computer, recording features and wireless connectivity capabilities designed for commercial, professional, and prosumer users. Its pre-installed apps can be used to record and playback still pictures and video, track timed events, manage your calendar, link to your phone and more. The M100 is compatible with thousands of existing Android apps and easy access to developer resources enables the creation of custom apps to suit virtually any need.”

Mobile applications for Vuzix wearable computer.

Sourcebits worked with Vuzix to build 7 pre-loaded apps for the M100 glasses. They can be used to record and playback still pictures and video, track timed events, manage calendars, as well as link to the user’s smartphones. From Reviews:

“As it stands these are the best product in the smart glasses space and are competitively priced compared to competing products.”

“…an awesome product and the best portable smart glasses in the game right now.”

“The glasses sit comfortably and feel robust, the OS operates smoothly, the gestures are largely intuitive, the audio is clear, and the camera takes excellent photos.”

M100 vuzix wearable computer monitor
View through the Vuzix Smart Glasses.


Intel (another Sourcebits client, see case study here) is optimistic about the new wave of wearable technology and confident in Vuzix’ role in the growing space in their official statement. “The growth of wearable technology is creating a new playing field for innovation, and Vuzix’s expertise in the design and production of waveguide optics positions them well to compete in the emerging smart eyewear segment. This investment underscores Intel’s goal of accelerating the market for wearable computing, and will help Vuzix move more quickly in developing its next generation smart glasses platform.”

The world of wearables is heating up, and we’re excited to be developing apps for these new user experiences. From smart glasses and smart watches, to iBeacons and the Internet of Things – the next wave of mobile innovation will go well beyond the device in your pocket.

Piotr Gajos, Chief Innovation Officer

Piotr is Sourcebits Chief Innovation Officer. A 2006 Apple Design Award winner, Piotr draws much of his inspiration from film and music, and focuses on leading our Innovation Strategy Workshops, generating new ideas for Sourcebits, and consulting on projects.