App Store Discovery: iOS 8 Updating Search

Apple CEO TIm Cook flashed some impressive stats at the 2014 WWDC: 75 billion apps downloaded, 1.2 million iOS apps currently in the App Store, and 300,000,000 weekly visitors to the App Store. But these huge numbers can have a downside for developers – how can they stand out and get found by users? As TouchArcade rightly points out, “There are plenty of great apps and games that fail simply because not enough people know that they exist.”

Related and Trending Searches are two new iOS 8 features which aim to address the issue of discoverability in the App Store. With Related Searches, users will see related phrases of their search query, similar to many search engines. Currently iOS 7 only shows users search suggestions while they type in the search field. In iOS 8 they will also see related search terms after completing the search query.

App Store Search screenshots from the updated iOS 8 Search.

Image courtesy of Mac Stories

The Trending Searches section in iOS 8 will display the most popular keywords of the moment on the App Store, similar to Twitter, Google Trends or the “Trending Now” section on Yahoo search. It shows what’s popular in real-time, making it more current than the App Store chart rankings.

Trending Searches in App Store Discovery.

How Will Related & Trending Searches Affect ASO?

One of the most important steps in App Store Optimization is identifying the right keywords for your app. As app marketers can get keyword ideas from related searches and trending keywords, the iOS 8 updates could make this process easier. These features could also greatly improve the visibility of your app, as they’re an additional way for users to find relevant apps.

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