The Advantages of Data-Driven Development

Data driven mobile app development.

Nowadays, there’s a vast and seemingly-endless influx of data available to you, where you can monitor metrics like exit rates, bounce rates, page views, new users, and returning users, from a myriad of sources. It’s no wonder many people can feel overwhelmed or frustrated when integrating data into their company’s development process. But by avoiding the complexities of analytics, you’re missing out on the advantages it can give you.

Data adoption and integration stages in mobile app development process.

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These advantages can range from thoroughly understanding your users and their primary motivations, to having hard numbers to show investors, or an increased sense of confidence when it comes to making company-wide decisions.

To understand what it means to be data-driven and how it can help you, scroll through our Slideshare, which expounds on the 12 Steps to Data-Driven Mobile App Development, such as learning from your mistakes, and considering the long view. Our free whitepaper also provides further valuable information. With these tools in your pocket, you’ll be well on your way to understanding the impact actionable data can have on your business and how to implement them for real-world results.

Although data-driven development has become more widespread as more people discover its benefits, the majority of companies still don’t dig deep enough when gathering and interpreting their data sets. Too often, gathering and analysis of data is used as an afterthought or a quick fix, not as a key driver of a company’s direction.

What’s needed is a methodical and organized approach to accomplish a particular set of clearly defined goals. According to Brent Dykes, author of Web Analytics Action Hero, “The best kind of data is a. specific and b. actionable.” Additionally, it’s the illuminating insights gleaned from combining quantitative and qualitative data that will effectively make data the driver of your app decisions.

To capitalize on the valuable role data can play in your app’s success, go ahead and check out our Slideshare, download our whitepaper, 6 Essential Analytics Your App Needs, or just drop us a line.

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