From Idea to Mobile App Reality

Our team does epic ideastorming with your team on where to begin, where to go, and how to get you there. Whether you have an idea or an existing app - we can help. We work small screens, but we think big picture. Getting your mobile strategy right is what our unique mobile consulting services are all about. We wrestle with business challenges, discover new opportunities, and provide the Innovation Workshop services that will help you define and refine your product ideas and mobile-app everything. We’ll take your app from A to Z to success — even more than once, if you like.

You Need Our Workshops For...

Idea Baking

If your idea is not fully baked, talk to us. We’ll help you clarify and reassemble the ingredients for success into a feasible solution that Sourcebits can execute. We’ve been baking ‘em good for years now.

Tech Consultation

Don’t have the engineering power in-house? Sourcebits has the expert technical teams you need to deliver creative solutions. And you don’t need to micro-manage them, or the project. That’s our job.

Startup Sanity Checks

We’ve got multi-disciplinary teams ready to poke and pull at your idea. They’ve launched award-winning apps and grown businesses before, too. Workshop your ideas with us.

Boundless Experimentation

You need the right environment to explore new ideas. Imagine a workshop session that’s inherently free-flowing, boundless, feisty, friction-full, and collaborative in nature — by design. Sourcebits Innovation Workshops provide the perfect setting.

Niche Defining & Refining

You’ve got an idea, but it needs work. Does it meet three of the following criteria? Unique. Risky. Exciting. Niche-defining. Enriching to humanity? If so, Sourcebits can help.

Crafting the Whole Enchilada

You want 360-degree support, and we can give it to you. Sourcebits Innovation Workshops can take you from A to Z, or start anywhere in-between from strategy and ideation to design, development, analytics, launch planning and product management.

Stretch Your Creativity Muscles in Our Collaborative Ideastorm

Our Innovation Workshops ARE a workout, but they get results. We've done more than 60, for companies of all sizes. Intel's Easy Migration was born from our idea storm. From initial idea or business problem to amazing app, we'll help you define and refine your mobile features, solve business problems, and put together a long-term product plan. Getting your mobile strategy right is what our mobile consulting services are all about. We wrestle with your business challenges, discover new opportunities, and provide the zoom-out, zoom-in services. We'll take you from A to Z and then AA to ZZ to AAA...

We Always Zoom In Before We Zoom Out

Our $25K Innovation Workshop, conducted over the course of three weeks, sets the groundwork for your mobile success. We can fit our format to what YOU need - but here's the usual workshop style:

1. Meet our innovation team in person for a full day of epic ideastorming. We zoom out to challenge and explore ideas, then zoom in to focus and refine solutions.
2. After the session, our team dives in to flesh out the app idea. From target audience and marketing considerations to product features, early UI/UX concepts, development timeline and cost estimates - you'll get a stakeholder-ready plan of your app's roadmap.
3. We present it, you provide feedback, and we finalize the doc.
4. Then we can bring your idea to life! And the $25K serves as a deposit on your project.

“The five service providers in this report help clients address the key challenges they face today in the digital economy. They offer CIOs, chief digital officers, business specialists/buyers and sourcing leaders innovative services and new approaches to enable business benefits.”

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Customer Quotes

I just wanted to say thank you guys! Your programming skills are awesome, your team have excellent communication skills and I will recommend you guys for all our future iPhone projects!

Nick Desai, CEO of FitOrbit

Sourcebits has one of the best product development teams to partner with in the industry. While developing the Wheelz Android app, I was impressed by the extremely smart folks we worked with across the board in Project Management, Design, Development and QA.

Akhtar Jameel, Founder and CTO of Wheelz

Working with Sourcebits has exceeded our expectations at every level. We look forward to our continued business relationship with you guys.

Wesley Breaux, Founder and CEO of Innovative Mobile Technologies

We feel and act as if Sourcebits is our partner in developing great products. Each level of their organization is engaged and available whenever we need them... The expertise that Sourcebits brought to the table enabled us to release products that are more than we could have dreamed about on paper. Their ability to suggest and implement solutions to difficult problems whether in design, workflow, usability, or functionality has enabled us to meet our customers' demands and enhance their business operations.

Scott Davisson, Co-Founder of Acclivity

We’ve been very happy with the design team on these two interactive web application projects. Everything looks very clean and polished from beginning to end. We are thrilled with everything that’s been done from the color schemes to the page layouts to the button designs. Everything looks pixel perfect and very sharp.

Mike Schmitz, President of Conover Company

We could not have accomplished this groundbreaking technology without the work of our partners at Sourcebits. They helped take our concept and build it into a world class network application, treating our project as their own... I recommend Sourcebits highly for any mobile software project where precision, professionalism, integrity, quality and timely execution are required. We have found our relationship both professionally and personally rewarding.

Jim Montalto, CEO of Knocking Live

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