Mobile App Marketing is Required, Not Optional

If your awesome app is in the store, but no one downloads it - do you make money? Nope. Marketing is all about getting your app noticed and downloaded. Let's make a lot of sound! Getting your app designed and developed is like training for a marathon - a lot of work before you even begin running. Launching and then hitting the road to generate downloads, optimize users, increase revenue and build a mobile app business takes a lot of time, investment and effort. But we've got some good news/bad news - you're not alone. Thousands of new apps launch every week. They're all competing for attention. To win the race, you need a solid app marketing strategy. Sourcebits goes the distance with our full lifecycle of app marketing services.

9 Core Elements of Your App Marketing

Branding & Messaging

Resonate. Connect. Engage. We can develop the right words, visuals, market positioning and strategy to bring your app to market.

App Store Optimization

With 1M + apps in the stores, people need to easily find your app. Our team can get apps into the top results for key search terms.

Launch Planning

Months before your app goes live, you need to strategize your launch. First impressions can make or break an app. We can help.

User Acquisition

Paid, targeted app downloads are essential. Our team can maximize user growth quickly and efficiently without blowing your budget.

Promotional Materials

Put your best face forward with your marketing content. Sourcebits can create app teaser videos, websites, brochures, and more.

Public Relations

Media and influencer coverage can generate buzz, drive organic downloads and capture industry attention. We can handle it.

Social Media

Promote and engage effectively with your target audience across the right networks for your app. Sourcebits can post, tweet, pin, link and more.

Community Management

Your app doesn't live in a vacuum. We can get conversations going amongst users and your company to learn from and adapt to your community.

Enterprise Adoption

Getting employees to use new solutions can be an uphill battle. Our team can get internal stakeholders on board so it succeeds.

You Have to Keep Growing & Maximizing Your App's Audience

When you need to launch an app, test a feature, build revenue and grow a company, organic downloads won't cut it. You need a long-term user acquisition strategy, a realistic budget, and ROI analytics. Just because you build it, does NOT mean they will come. (Yes, we're fans of Field of Dreams. But it's time for an app reality check.) If you're going to launch a new app or test a new feature, but you don't have a user acquisition budget or strategy - you should stop NOW. Period. That might sound harsh, but we're trying to help. Word of mouth, organic downloads and even a press review will only get you so far - and will take you so long. At Sourcebits, we map out the strategy - and estimate the budget - for user acquisition. Then we'll analyze, adjust and adapt the plan and the product to optimize your ROI.

Required Reading: Everything You Need to Know About ASO

This free ebook has 70+ pages of tips and tricks to improve your in-store search rankings, promote your app, and get more organic downloads. You can't afford to ignore ASO. Just like SEO can drive website traffic, ASO can help your app stand out and get discovered in the App Store, Google Play and other stores. But each store has its own rules and nuances, and effective app store optimization requires more than adding a couple keywords. Whether you're getting ready to launch an app, or you want to boost an existing one - it’s never too late to improve your ASO. Sourcebits knows what it takes. Read our free (yes, free!) e-book, then talk to us.

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Start Planning Your App Launch Now

Wether you're targeting global markets, niche regional audiences or internal enterprise employees - our app launch marketing services can help. From targeting to timing, messaging to materials - your app launch strategy needs thoughtful planning and enough time to execute. Months before your app is ready for prime time, our team is plotting to make a successful first impression. The strategies will depend on your specific business requirements and goals - but the need for planning is universal. Enterprise clients launching apps internally - this includes you!

App Marketing Needs a Lot of Nice "Stuff"

Sourcebits can make it all - from interesting screenshots to app teaser videos to promotional websites and print materials. You need to show, not tell, how awesome your app is. The right marketing collateral can help bring your app to life and drive downloads. Sourcebits can create social media images, brochures, one-pagers, and even a special micro website to showcase the features and benefits of your new app. Or maybe you want to create a ‘Launching Soon’ landing page to get early signups prior to launch — or create a blog to get people talking. Our designers can rock whatever you need.

A Great Video Brings Your App to Life

Seeing is believing, and screenshots often aren't enough to sell your app. Our teaser videos will show off your app to drive downloads. If a picture's worth a thousand words, a video's worth a million. We can pack a big punch into a 15 or 30-second teaser. Then you can use it across all your efforts - include it in your app store listing (videos drive more downloads), share with media and reviewers, post it across social media, play it during stakeholder meetings. If you want your app to get the star treatment, talk to the video team at Sourcebits.