Demand App Design Excellence — Never Settle for Less

UI/UX design can be the difference between user delight, and user dismay. That's why we have a team of rockstar mobile designers that are seriously picky about pixels. Behind every great mobile app, there's a story about great design. How does it feel? How do actual humans interact with it? What hooks them?

At Sourcebits, our design-first, build-second approach directs everything we do. Most mobile shops talk about great engineering and pleasing design — but few actually deliver. Sourcebits is at the top of a very short list of companies that do both WELL. And we should be at the top of your list for app design & mobile development support.

Start Doing the Right Mobile Math

Leaving app design as an afterthought is a costly, rookie mistake. And this ain't our first mobile rodeo. Investing in quality design from the start equals higher user engagement - which is the king of ROI. Great design also simplifies future updates, reduces support costs, and entices user adoption. Ultimately, designing for your audience leads to more engaged users - and that's the master equation we follow.

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Bring Your App to Interactive Life - Fast

Our design process is collaborative, interactive, fun and energetic. Work with us, and you’ll quickly get visual designs, prototypes and animations that bring you ideas to life. We do more than just "see" your app with static wireframes and screens - we "FEEL" it. with rapid visual prototyping. This uncovers problems so we can experience your iPhone, Android or iPad app before we build it. Solving UX problems early saves you time and money.

App Design Step 1: Discovery

We dive deep into your business needs to discover your target audience, their behaviors, your objectives, and the barriers for success. Our design discovery process is part brainstorm, part innovation, part refinement and part strategy between your company and our team. It often happens in the form of our Innovation Workshops. But it’s no leisurely stroll — we’re super fast thinkers and quick studies ready to aggressively explore ideas, tear apart concepts, and question every assumption. Ultimately, we are doers not talkers so we experiment, play, discover, fall down, break stuff, get back up and make stuff. If that sounds scary - we're not the right shop for you.

App Design Step 2: User Interface Design

We love designing interactive prototypes, but to make them we first need user experience maps. They help us build a strong foundation to scope out the app’s functionality, consider its main features and understand the relationships between component to create an engaging user experience. The rules for iPhone app design and Android app design are similar, but different. Or maybe you need a cross-platform, responsive web app design. Whatever the platform, we’ll explore how users get from point A to point B and you get to revenue C.

App Design Step 3: Rapid Prototyping

Once we have the fundamentals down, the real fun begins. We start to build stuff, good stuff. Structures, connect screens, animations, responsive buttons — the ingredients for mobile app design magic. We make quick-and-dirty prototypes early in the process and never stop iterating and user testing. Even once your mobile app is live in a store or safely inside your enterprise walls, we can optimize the experience.

App Design Step 4: visual Design & Branding

At the same time we're creating your UI design, we're also building your app's visual brand. We tackle your user’s need and wants, and tap into the pulse of your target audience. Using mind maps, market research, use cases, mood boards, and cultural trends, we explore what motivates your users. We even play dress-up with your wireframes, adding the elements and finishing touches that reinforce your brand and resonates with your users.

Customer Quotes

I just wanted to say thank you guys! Your programming skills are awesome, your team have excellent communication skills and I will recommend you guys for all our future iPhone projects!

Nick Desai, CEO of FitOrbit

Sourcebits has one of the best product development teams to partner with in the industry. While developing the Wheelz Android app, I was impressed by the extremely smart folks we worked with across the board in Project Management, Design, Development and QA.

Akhtar Jameel, Founder and CTO of Wheelz

Working with Sourcebits has exceeded our expectations at every level. We look forward to our continued business relationship with you guys.

Wesley Breaux, Founder and CEO of Innovative Mobile Technologies

We feel and act as if Sourcebits is our partner in developing great products. Each level of their organization is engaged and available whenever we need them... The expertise that Sourcebits brought to the table enabled us to release products that are more than we could have dreamed about on paper. Their ability to suggest and implement solutions to difficult problems whether in design, workflow, usability, or functionality has enabled us to meet our customers' demands and enhance their business operations.

Scott Davisson, Co-Founder of Acclivity

We’ve been very happy with the design team on these two interactive web application projects. Everything looks very clean and polished from beginning to end. We are thrilled with everything that’s been done from the color schemes to the page layouts to the button designs. Everything looks pixel perfect and very sharp.

Mike Schmitz, President of Conover Company

We could not have accomplished this groundbreaking technology without the work of our partners at Sourcebits. They helped take our concept and build it into a world class network application, treating our project as their own... I recommend Sourcebits highly for any mobile software project where precision, professionalism, integrity, quality and timely execution are required. We have found our relationship both professionally and personally rewarding.

Jim Montalto, CEO of Knocking Live