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We are your trusted digital innovation accelerator. We combine award-winning design thinking, lean and continuous delivery with strategic insight to deliver immense business value.

We are digital practicioners Meet the people behind some of the world’s most exciting digital innovation work. We’re designers, engineers, developers, marketers, analysts, strategists, mad scientists and above all else — innovators.

Kris Nair

President and Chief Executive Officer

Janakiraman Rajamani

Chief Operating Officer

Mickey Mentzer

VP of Technology and Innovation

Matt Donovan

Chief Technical Architect

Piotr Gajos

Chief Innovation Officer

Parvathy Therembil

VP of Corporate HR

Neta Iser

Data Scientist

Gary Howe

Head of Design

Big Ideas Need Big Thinking and Disciplined Craftsmanship to Get Big Results

Business Strategy

We solve business problems, identify opportunities, refine product ideas and global strategies. Our strategic counsel and Innovation Workshops zoom out before we zoom in to build you mobile app.

UX Design

Design comes first and always. As a creative group, we dream up engaging, intuitive user experiences. We make apps dynamic, tested, and pixel perfect. Beautifully simple, and simply beautiful.

Digital Engineering

We think fast, and code even faster. Our developers work in agile sprints. We build in any language (native or cross-platform), with any integrations or customizations you want, 'cuz we can.

Launch Strategy

We know what it takes to capture attention and drive engagement. From launch strategies to user acquisition, App Store optimization, enterprise adoption and more, we can help you stand out.

Behavior Analytics

Leveraging the right app data is critical. We integrate robust analytics platforms from the start. Uncover user trends. Optimize your product. Build a roadmap based on the right metrics.

Lifecycle Management

Digital development is a marathon, not a sprint. We deliver a holistic approach to product management. We’ll help bring your product to life, then nurture and grow it.

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