The Future of Wearables: Virtual Reality 20 Years Later

future of wearables and virtual reality

Episode 15 in The Future of Wearables podcast features Sean White. He’s co-founder and CEO at BrightSky, makers of the video streaming app 10. During his Future of Wearables interview, White describes what it was like working on virtual reality projects back in the early days (long before Oculus Rift). He’s got a fascinating perspective on what it was like working on VR experiments and how that laid the groundwork for mainstream adoption today. Read on for Sourcebits Chief Innovation Officer Piotr Gajos’ take on opportunities for businesses in the virtual reality space.

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The Sourcebits Take: Virtual Reality and Business

In June 2015, Oculus unveiled the consumer version of its Rift virtual reality headset. Is this the start of something big for consumers and businesses? Virtual reality requires specially crafted, thoughtful experiences made for the medium. Here’s what Piotr Gajos, Chief Innovation Officer at Sourcebits (and Apple Design Award Winner) has to say about opportunities in the VR space.

“From a sociological point of view, mobile apps pose a great threat to human interactions. We already see people nose-diving into their devices on public transport, in the streets, in restaurants. I believe virtual reality is a paradoxical chance to stop this regression by rejuvenating and steering human interactions into completely new directions. VR, as a completely immersive medium, has the potential to transfer all existing human interactions into itself. There’s also a chance new interactions will be invented, enabled by the never-before experienced concurrency of technology and soul. We will be separated from each other on the most basic, biological level, but our minds will be connected in much deeper, faster and richer ways.”
— Piotr Gajos, Chief Innovation Officer, Sourcebits


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Piotr Gajos, Chief Innovation Officer

Piotr is Sourcebits Chief Innovation Officer. A 2006 Apple Design Award winner, Piotr draws much of his inspiration from film and music, and focuses on leading our Innovation Strategy Workshops, generating new ideas for Sourcebits, and consulting on projects.