App Annie Launches New Tools

App Annie analytics platform launches new tools.

Last week, leading app store analytics platform App Annie added 2 new features to help mobile app developers analyze advertising and optimize their organic search rankings in app stores. As an App Marketing analyst at Sourcebits, I decided to check out their new App Store Optimization tools and determine their value in the process of making an app discoverable. Below is a roundup of my findings. I hope it will help you explore App Annie’s tools to improve your app’s organic search rankings in the App Stores.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization is a process of creating content on your app page that helps your title rank higher for specific keywords when people search the app stores. The biggest challenge for any app marketer when it comes to App Store Optimization is the lack of great free tools, especially tools that identify keywords and analyze search competition. App Annie has been successful in solving this problem to a certain extent with their new tool.

The ASO Keywords Tool

To identify possible keywords for an app, the App Annie keyword tool analyzes the metadata for each app. App Annie’s keyword tool displays the top 30 search terms for which your app is ranking in the app store search results. You can also add your own keywords and see historical search rankings for selected keywords using the date selector. Search results in the app stores vary based on the searcher’s location. Using the country selector, you can also analyze keyword rankings of your app in 10 different countries.