6 Essential Analytics Your App Needs

Every interaction in your app is a data point that can be measured and analyzed. Are you measuring the best app metrics? Need to gain insights based on clear data? It's time to do the right mobile math. Find out how to get started.


Your App Needs Analytics

But with so much potential data, how do you do the right mobile math? Building a strategic analytics plan can make or break your app's future. Find out which tools and app metrics you need to build your product with data-driven mobile development. This whitepaper covers the essentials to get you started on the path to smarter mobile app analytics.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • How to measure events for user behaviors and demographics.
  • Click attribution tools to analyze user acquisition and marketing efforts.
  • Strategies to manage complicated financial data for accurate reports.
  • The benefits of segment and cohort analysis for product development.
  • New opportunities for optimization through easy A/B testing.
  • 12 steps you can take to become a data-driven developer.
  • An objective comparison of services from 12 leading analytics providers.
  • The data holes your app can fall into - and how to avoid them.
  • Customized, data-driven user messaging to increase engagement.

Ready to Get the Right Data?

Numbers can lie - or mislead. Get clarity. Create a powerful data program to deliver the mobile app analytics you need. Unlock user insights and proactively steer your product towards success. Go beyond gut instincts to look at the right app metrics. Make strategic decisions guided by facts and hard numbers.

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6 essential analytics your app needs