Sourcebits Launches Chocolatechip-UI

Sourcebits, under its studio model has started another product and this time it’s for a cross-platform mobile framework called ChocolateChip-UI. ChUI (pronounced “chewy”) is a framework for making mobile Web apps that look and feel like native apps across iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

In a new approach to the services business, we at Sourcebits have been bringing new products to market, like twine, our recently incubated project to flip dating apps upside down.

ChocolateChip-UI, is the simplest and fastest way to create native looking Web apps from scratch or turn your website into a highly-functional mobile web application. ChUI only uses three components: semantic HTML5 markup, CSS and JavaScript. ChUI is also the smallest mobile framework and comes in at ⅓ the size of jQuery mobile and 1/7 the size of Sencha Touch. Best of all, ChUI is already optimized to be used for iOS 7.

What makes ChUI so remarkable is how easy it is to use, how comprehensive the framework is and that it’s so small. All of the themes are pure CSS so all you have to do is code one app with its layouts, widgets and user interactions and then target the correct OS, and ChUI does all the rest. ChUI is also completely resolution independent so your app will immediately scale up to whatever resolution the device supports.

There are so many mobile Web app frameworks. They all have one thing in common: they don’t provide a convincing native experience. They look cheap, rough or unpolished. ChocolateChip-UI enables you to create a Web app that looks fantastic on iOS 7, Android and Windows Phone 8. You provide the data and the logic, ChocolateChip-UI takes care of nailing the interface. And it’s easy to customize to fit your needs. – Robert Biggs, Creator of ChocolateChip-UI

“In my first meeting with Robert it was clear to me, he is onto something big and after about 9 months, we have a full fledged product that we are very proud of.”  – Rohit Singal, Founder and CEO of Sourcebits

Try out Chocolatechip-UI for yourself:

ChUI is completely free and open-source. There will be a commercial license available for large clients. ChUI will be released under an OpenBSD license.

ChUI is on Techcrunch! Click here.