Design Thinking Is In Sourcebits DNA

Forrester Report Names Sourcebits a Top Mobile Innovation Resource

Ideation, open brainstorming, design thinking – strategic innovation by any other name still smells sweet. It’s a critical aspect of a company’s success, especially with its mobile apps, responsive web design and software product development. But many enterprises lack the technology expertise and the creative ideation approach to produce disruptive innovations on their own. And as the speed of change increases, many companies need big ideas, and they need them quickly.

At Sourcebits, ideation / design thinking is in our DNA. Using our agile design and development process, we’ve helped hundreds of companies launch innovative new products and features.

That’s why we’re honored to be included in a recent Forrester Research report targeted at companies seeking strategic guidance on their digital innovations. The report, entitled “Setting A Technology Sourcing Strategy For Digital Disruption”, named Sourcebits a leading services provider offering design thinking – right alongside Deloitte, Ogilvy, SAP Services and Razorfish.

What exactly is “design thinking,” you ask?

Design thinking is the one-two punch of creative problem solving combined with today’s cutting-edge technology.

Here’s how Forrester discusses the “art of the possible” that companies need to explore:

“The secret to success in this digital world, however, is the emphasis on ideation — open brainstorming on “the art of the possible” within the context of the business problem.
Focusing only on what can be done on mobile, cloud, analytics, or social is not the right approach. Instead, sourcing strategists should be part of small engagements with department heads and top business executives; these should be freeform, “white-boarding,” design thinking sessions. Here the group can define the business goals (customer growth, operational efficiency) for these digital disruption initiatives and align them with the possibilities that technology can create and the context of the specific user population.”

Freeform “white-boarding” is exactly how our Innovation Strategy Workshops run. In fact, Forrester points to our ideation process, and our unique co-founder business model for entrepreneurs to develop app-based companies, as an excellent example of design thinking. The report includes SmartBrush, one of our Product Studios partners:

“An innovative dentist and his business school patient came up with an idea to combine sensors on toothbrushes with analytics to create SmartBrush, a “smart” toothbrush that can communicate information between dentists and patients to improve dental care. SmartBrush was able to partner with Sourcebits’ Product Studios to take advantage of proven methodologies and lab capabilities, enabling them to co-develop the solution in a short time frame.”

The application of design thinking is especially relevant when it comes to mobile applications. Forrester Research found 49% of respondents plan to increase mobile app spending by at least 5%, including 13% that expect to increase their app budget by more than 10%. But to get the highest ROI, Forrester recommends finding an external innovation partner for strategy, design and development.

From the whiteboard to the App Store, Sourcebits can help. To discuss how our Innovation Strategy Workshops can help you, contact us.