How does Mobeam work?

Mobeam's light-based technology pulses the barcode data into the retail laser scanner using the proximity sensor available on the phone.

It essentially fools the scanner into thinking the light pattern is a barcode. The company has 13 approved patents and 10 pending.

Mobeam can also display 2D barcodes for optical image scanners and invoke an NFC trans-mission depending on the in-store scanner.


Barcodes run billions of retail dollars every year but millions of in-store laser scanners meant for paper scanning can't read barcodes off shiny mobile screens.

So Mobeam, founded in 2010, built a patented smartphone solution and began building industry partnerships. In December 2012 the Palo Alto startup asked Sourcebits to design and develop its first mobile shopping app Omnibeam in just one month.

Since 2012, Sourcebits has been Mobeam's ongoing mobile app development partner.

We've built two apps, managed 22 revisions for Omnibeam and about 25 for Beep'nGo, supported preloading requirements with Samsung devices (including the Samsung Galaxy S5), and jointly developed a long-term product roadmap.

In June 2014, Mobeam announced Beep'nGo surpassed 1 Million downloads in just 2 months. Two short weeks later, Mobeam passed 2 Million downloads.

In September, Mobeam announced its technology has been embedded in more than 100 Million smartphones. In October, the company announced Beep'nGo had been downloaded 5 Million + times.

Developing an app in 1 month: December 2012

December 2012
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  • s 01

    Project Kickoff

    The design team worked on turning around a brand new UI and UX design that would conform to the Android design guidelines.

  • s 02

    The engineering team prepped to work on the architecture and define the skeleton of the Omnibeam app.

  • m 03
  • t 04
  • w 05
  • t 06
  • f 07
  • s 08

    The screen mock-ups were approved by Samsung, and design deliverables, such as onion skin overlays, splash screens, and icon designs, started pouring in from the team.

  • s 09
  • m 10

    The engineering team was working to build the features and help Mobeam define and optimize the API's. We also interfaced with a 3rd party API for coupons and deals.

  • t 11
  • w 12
  • t 13
  • f 14
  • s 15

    During this phase, Mobeam wanted adjustments to the design while sticking to the 25 day timeline. Our team changed the wireframes correspondingly and resubmitted them to the development team.

  • s 16

    We began interfacing with the Mobeam LBS (location-based services) hardware. The team worked tirelessly to make architectural changes on the front-end while not compromising on quality.

  • m 17
  • t 18
  • w 19
  • t 20
  • f 21

    The design has been finalized by the team and approved by Mobeam.

  • s 22

    By week 4 we had a functioning prototype, and Mobeam started performing real-time tests on various scanners in retail stores.

  • s 23
  • m 24
  • t 25


  • w 26
  • t 27
  • f 28
  • s 29
  • s 30
  • m 31

    New Year's Eve

    On the eve of delivery, Mobeam alerted us that scanning the code scan feature was not functioning properly. Our US and India teams kept working away to fix the problem and test the devices.

  • t 01


  • hard deadline

    Mobeam turned to Sourcebits with a hard deadline to meet an exclusive deal with Samsung. They needed their first mobile app by January 1, 2013 - and it was December 1st. Sourcebits had just 31 days to build an e-commerce app that showcased Mobeam's barcode light-beaming technology.

  • app requirements

    In addition to the time limits, we had to meet Samsung's app requirements and also seamlessly incorporate a feature set that met the target audience's needs.

    Our agile design and development process allowed us to quickly submit the first design concept.

  • app requirements

    In 4 short weeks we went through the submit-review-iterate-resubmit cycle with Mobeam twice.

    Our global team of designers and developers worked around the clock to meet the deadline.

  • app requirements

    By New Year's Day, we rang in 2013 by delivering version 1 of OmniBeam.

    We've been working with Mobeam ever since.

Omnibeam & Beep'nGo

How Omnibeam works

Launched June 2013

  • beaming a barcode

    OmniBeam uses a light on your phone screen to "beam" a barcode directly into any scanner for consistently easy usability.

  • discover savings

    Discover special SavingStar coupon offers at 24,000 US retailers. "Clip" them to a loyalty card for easy redemption at checkout.

  • link loyalty and gift cards

    Like a keychain, OmniBeam can store digital copies of loyalty, membership and gift cards for easy mobile access and tracking of gift card balances.

  • save or deposit money

    Money saved can be deposited directly into a bank or PayPal account, or sent as an Amazon gift.

How Beep'nGo works

Launched April 2014

  • use the camera or barcode to store your cards in beep'nGo

    Save your loyalty, gift and membership cards into the app using the camera, or by manually entering the barcode number.

  • see special deals and coupons

    Special deals offered directly from national and local retailers, as well as coupon partners SavingStar, Cellfire and Valpack.

  • save coupons to your loyalty card

    Find and save coupons to your store's loyalty card account. When you beam the card's barcode from the app to the scanner, you get the discount.

  • sync cards across devices

    Supports international retailers, and can sync cards across multiple devices.

Sourcebits Solutions

  • sourcebits provided design solutions


    Before the rise of flat design, we created the look and feel of Omnibeam to resemble a wallet. For both Omnibeam and Beep'nGo, we designed a powerfully simple user experience to make mobile barcodes easy.

  • sourcebits provided app store optimization services

    App Store Optimization

    Our App Store Optimization (ASO) recommendations have significantly improved Beep'nGo's keyword search rankings in Google Play. We use Flurry to provide user analytics on both Omnibeam and Beep'nGo.

  • sourcebits provided agile and continuous development processes


    With short development cycles being a necessity, our team worked continuously to integrate Mobeam's feedback into our server-side changes.

  • sourcebits continued to provide support after launch

    Ongoing Project Support

    Since we began working with Mobeam in December 2012, Sourcebits has served as the startup's primary app design and development provider.

Goals Achieved

4.9 stars 4.9 stars 4.9 stars 4.9 stars 4.9 stars

Average Rating at more than 23,000 ratings: 3.9/5 stars in Google Play

Growth Hacking Google Play

Sourcebits presented an App Store Optimization plan for Beepn'Go that included competitive analysis and several keyword recommendations for the app description to increase awareness and search rankings. We also recommended creating descriptive app screenshots to encourage more downloads.

Beep'nGo on 100 Million + Samsung devices

Beep'nGo was preloaded onto Samsung's Galaxy S5, the company's flagship phone launched in April 2014.

The app is embedded in 100 million devices

- all without paid user acquisition or advertising.

Press & Reviews

"Mobeam's technology will help smartphones interact with the millions of point-of-sale systems around the country that use traditional barcode scanners."The Verge
"Mobeam is changing the way we spend money. That's the key. It brings us one step closer to a future where you literally use your phone for everything."Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's Mad Money
"Does exactly what it says Every time I have used this app it works perfectly. It amazes some shop assistants who say it won't work it does."User Review
"Great!!!! Great easy-to-use app that keeps track of all my rewards cards. They're there when I need to find them quickly in the checkout line and it keeps my wallet "slimmer". Now I don't have to carry all those rewards cards I use once a month in my wallet yet I still have them when I need them."User Review